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What's an Antique?

While the "official" definition of antique might require an age of 100 years or so, I use the term loosely for my purposes, by considering anything over 50 years old as meeting my criteria. This necessarily includes automobiles as new as a 1960 model, although there may be a few keys shown which are newer than that.

Not a Parts Manual

No attempt is made to be all inclusive, much as a parts manual might be. This represents, in general, a collection amassed over a period of more than 25 years, during which time our interest has waxed and waned, as have our fortunes. Admittedly the past 7 or 8 years have been more productive. If an item is not in our personal collection, it will be noted.

Not an Official OEM Site

The information presented is not centered around any particular make of automobile nor manufacturer of locks or keys. The locks and keys presented here run the gamut, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to aftermarket accessories. In fact, many of the more unusual types were originally sold by automobile accessories dealers.

Division of Categories

It would be nice if we could strictly adhere to known categories in this presentation, but in many cases, our own lack of knowledge does not allow this. In cases where it is difficult to determine if an item is OEM or aftermarket, those items will be just presented as a group, leaving a more exact determination to someone more knowledgeable.

Welcome to the

ExWiseHe Automobile Lock and Key Site

The Web Site of Locks and Keys for Antique Automobiles

After a three year absence since the passing of my wife, Judy in October 2011,
I believe it is time to resume building the website. During the interim we have
continued to discover new items and will be adding these, in addition to
finishing the pages which had already been started. Thanks for your patience.


corbin cover horseless age 1907
Corbin was an early entrant in the automobile field as shown on this cover of a January, 1907 issue of Horseless Age. Although they had been in the lock manufacturing business for years, their contribution to automobile locks was minimal.
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