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Personalized Keys in the 1950s

Crest Keys were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, allowing automobile owners the chance to personalize their keys not only with the make of a particular car, but the model as well. Crest keys were made by several different manufacturers and in some cases allowed drivers to further customize their keys with an initial.

More Than Just Autos Represented

Although Crest Keys were car keys, some were also designed to represent various related industries. Crest Keys include gas stations, motels, banks, credit unions, insurance companies and tire companies. Crest Key types even spread to non-automobile instances with some found for Boy Scounts, airlines, beer and soda companies and fraternal organizations.

Multi-Purpose Keys

Included with Crest Keys are dual purpose keys which also serve as tie clips, bottle openers, nail clippers and even knives.

Crest Keys for Antique Cars Page 1

chevrolet crest key in original package
Chevrolet crest key
ford crest keyFord crest key
pontiac crest key
Pontiac crest key
oldsmobile crest key
Oldsmobile crest key
buick crest key
Buick crest key
lincoln crest key
Lincoln crest key
dodge crest key
Dodge crest key
chrysler crest key pair
Chrysler crest key pair
rambler crest key
Rambler crest key
falcon folding crest key
Falcon folding key
oldsmobile folding crest key
Oldsmobile folding key
mercury folding crest key
Mercury folding key
folding oldsmobile crest key in original packaging
Oldsmobile folding key
packard case with keys
Packard case with keys
coca cola crest key with original package
Coca Cola crest key, e-bay image
two piece gulf gas crest key
Gulf gas two piece key
holiday inn crest key
Holiday Inn crest key
twa crest key
TWA crest key
sohio gas crest key
SOHIO crest key
st christopher crest key
St Christopher crest key
aaa crest key
AAA crest key
sears tire crest key
Sears Tire crest key
quick draw 45 crest key
Quick Draw 45 crest key
Crest 1 Crest 2