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Magneto Plugs, Levers and Keys

Probably the first locking mechanism for a magneto switch was a simple plug. The term seems to have stuck for a while, even while while the shape evolved to a lever, then to something that could pass as a key.

Classification of Magneto Keys

One of the nice things about publishing your own document is being able to determine your own classifications. While in the strict sense there were only a few different types of magneto keys, I have taken this opportunity to include some other keys with this group based on one important similarity: for any given type of switch, one single key fits all of the switches.

Flat Steel Keys Included

I have included the more modern flat steel keys with the older magneto keys for this reason. This is a valid argument from a locksmith's perspective due to the diminished amount of security provided from using just a single key for all of a particular switch.

Magneto Keys for Antique Cars

remy plug
Remy plug
plug - unknown manufacturer
connecticut t & e plug
Connecticut T & E plug
bosch lever
Bosch switch lever
eisemann lever
Eisemann switch lever
for maxwell
Plug for Maxwell auto
Eisemann plug
Splitdorf plug
Bosch plug
Unknown switch lever
Remy? plug
j and b
J & B plug
j and b m v
J & B M Vplug
Remy key
key to aftermarket light switch
Aftermarket light switch lever
heinze springfield
Heinze (Springfield) key
Splitdorf plug
KW plug
Pfanstiehl plug
Heinze plug
delco magneto key
Delco key
delco gear key
Delco gear key
delco tubular key
Delco tube key
michigan magneto key
Michigan switch key
kingston magneto key
Kingston switch key
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