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Logo Keys

In most cases Logo Keys have either the name or a pictoral logo of the automobile manufacturer. We have made exceptions in two cases where the keys include the logo of the lock or switch manufacturer; one is period, the other of more recent vintage.

The First Logo Key

The first Logo Key was more than likely for the Model T Ford. These keys first appeared in 1918 when Ford introduced the electric starter in the Model T.

Original or Aftermarket?

While it may be seem easy to take an educated guess as to whether a particular Logo Key is by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or is an aftermarket product, the tendency would be to then group OEM Logo Keys apart from aftermarket keys. A simple process in most cases, but how do we then place those that we cannot determine? Our answer is to group them all together but include some thoughts as to why one might be in this or that category and let the viewer make his own determination.

Logo Keys for Antique Cars Page 1

fork key by caskey dupree
Ford Model T (1918 - 1927)
ford key
Ford Model A (1928 - 1931)
ford key
Ford Model A (1928 - 1931)
ford key
Ford (Obverse)
ford key reverse
Ford (Reverse)
chrylser oak tree key
Chrysler (1927)
chrysler silver anniversary key
Chrysler (1949)
chrysler key
Chrysler (1949)
chevrolet door key
Chevrolet Door (Late 1920s)
chevrolet key
cadillac key
fisher body key
Fisher Body
futuramic oldsmobile key
Futuramic Oldsmobile (1949)
kaiser key
peerless key
nash key
nash key
nash 132 key
Nash #132
gardner key
Gardner #54
franklin key
la salle key
La Salle
h key
H (unknown)

graham paige key
Graham Paige

graham paige key
Graham Paige

jeep key
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