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If It Moves, Lock It!
It wasn't long after the automobile began its ride to popularity that aftermarket locks became available to protect the driver's valuables, including the car itself.

Hundreds of Ideas
Hundreds of ideas for locking devices began showing up at the patent office: some were good ideas, others, not so. Locks became available for wheels, spare tires, lap robes, foot pedals, gas lines, and in the case of the Model T Ford, even locks on top of locks.

The Demise of Accessory Locks
Most accessory locks became obsolete with the popularization of closed cars with their lockable doors and trunks, although a few remained for exterior use, such as for gas caps, fender skirts and even license plate frames.

Accessory Locks for Antique Cars

Spare Tire Locks - Page 1

chain lock for spare tire
Spare tire locks were probably the most common accessory lock used for early automobiles. Lengths of chain were often sold with padlocks. Ultimately the locks were built into the chains like this one.
baird chain lock
Baird Chain Lock Assembly with Baird Wafer Lock
decker chain lock
Decker Chain Lock
graynie chain lock
Graynie Chain Lock Assembly with Corbin Pin-Tumbler Lock
hurd chain lock
Hurd Chain Lock Assembly with Hurd Pin-Tumbler Lock
johnson chain lock
Johnson Chain Lock Assembly with Wafer Lock
miller chain lock
Miller Chain Lock Assembly with Miller Lever Lock
junkunc chain lock brass
Junkunc Chain Lock Assembly with Junkunc Brass Wafer Lock
junkunc chain lock steel
Junkunc Chain Lock Assembly with Junkunc Steel Wafer Lock
Tire 1 Tire 2 Tire 3 Tire 4 Tire 5 Nut 1 Nut 2 Padlock 1 Padlock 2 Wheel 1 Ignition 1