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If It Moves, Lock It!
It wasn't long after the automobile began its ride to popularity that aftermarket locks became available to protect the driver's valuables, including the car itself.

Hundreds of Ideas
Hundreds of ideas for locking devices began showing up at the patent office: some were good ideas, others, not so. Locks became available for wheels, spare tires, lap robes, foot pedals, gas lines, and in the case of the Model T Ford, even locks on top of locks.

The Demise of Accessory Locks
Most accessory locks became obsolete with the popularization of closed cars with their lockable doors and trunks, although a few remained for exterior use, such as for gas caps, fender skirts and even license plate frames.

Accessory Locks for Antique Cars

Ignition Locks

model t coil box and switch
Typical coil box and ignition switch for Model T Ford, 1914 to 1918.
briggs and stratton model t switch
Close-up of switch. This particular one is a Briggs & Stratton replacement switch from e-bay.
model t switch levers
Although a bit different in appearance, these keys are interchangeable.
add-on switch showing lock tabs
The two prongs on this add-on lock operate the original lock.
This type of switch was introduced with the 1914 Model T Ford. It was used exclusively for five years through 1918, after which a new style switch was used that would accomodate electric starters. One of the problems that emerged with such widespread use was that there were so many automobiles which used the same key. Think of it - there were nearly 2 1/2 million Model T Fords produced between 1914 and 1918, and they all used the same key!

Many different manufacturers provided after market products to resolve this problem. While various replacement switches were available, the units shown here provide only a locking mechanism. These locks did not actually replace the Ford ignition lock, but were attached to the outside of it, some covering the entire switch , others just covering the surface plate.
defender ignition lock for model t ford
Defender assembly uses a new style King lock.
defender ignition lock for model t ford - double cylinder
This dual locking Defender uses two Chicago Cabinet Co. locks. The upper lock appears to be for the top of the coil box.
auto-cop-lock ignition lock for model t ford
This Auto-Cop-Lock uses the old style King lock.
goodrich ignition lock for model t ford
The Goodrich Company of Philadelphia spent extra for the Yale pin-tumbler lock, but made up for that with a cheap casing .
kw ignitiion lock for model t ford
This KW Autolock combines a an exceptional Yale pin-tumbler lock with a high quality steel casing.
new york coil ignition lock for model t ford
The New York Lock Company used a Chicago Cabinet lock in this assembly.
thiefoil ignition lock for model t ford
The Thiefoil combinatiion lock was a product of Caskey-Dupree of Marietta, Ohio.
lockable ignition switch cover for model t ford
This unit, seen on e-bay, is essentially a lockable cover. Driver to supply his own padlock.
temco ignition lock
Another e-bay item, this Temco provides a kick switch lever. It appears to use a Chicago Cabinet lock.
neal ignition lock
This Neal ignition lock is solidly constructed of chromed cast brass and has a Yale pin-tumbler lock.
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